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Established in 1985, CGS Publishing Technologies International GmbH is a global leader in color management, digital proofing and specially formulated media. Headquartered near Frankfurt (Germany), CGS also has operations in the United States, Japan and many other countries, as well as sales and support partners throughout the world.

The beginning of the road When CGS was founded, the production of magazine and catalog pages was still a manual and time-consuming process. This sparked the original business idea:

The development of a page assembly system (Digi-Design) for designing magazine and catalogue pages directly on a computer. Competing with other high-end systems from Crosfield, Hell and Scitex, the original CGS system combined high-end image manipulation and page layout on Digital Equipment Corporation's powerful VAX VMS workstations.

In 1991, when CGS began to connect Dainippon Screen's scanners and recorders, CGS also introduced its standalone CEPS environment under the name ORIS (Open Reproduction on Industry Standard.)

Originally running on DEC Alpha workstations, ORIS was introduced for Windows in 1997. Following the trend to a manufacturer-independent page description language, a RIP was added, allowing opening and editing any PostScript page. So was functionality to automate the workflow in pre-press, color management and proofing.

In the late 1990s, the product line comprised ORIS Page (layout and design), ORIS Works (workflow) and ORIS Color Tuner (proofing). During that time, it was widely adopted among gravure and other large printing operations, as well as by catalog and magazine publishers.

The aim of CGS is the development of powerful proofing and workflow solutions. For this, CGS has maintained long-term development partnerships with companies like Canon, Epson, Hewlett Packard and Xerox. This guarantees that ORIS systems always benefit the most from the current developments in digital printing devices. Moreover, the company cooperates with the leading manufacturers of spectral measurement technology such as X-Rite, integrating these devices into the ORIS products for color measurement and analysis. In the area of proofing media, CGS entered R&D joint-ventures with selected manufacturers worldwide early in its history. Within this cooperation, innovative proofing media are being developed exclusively for CGS. These media meet even the most demanding requirements for proofing in magazine, commercial and packaging printing.