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DigitalView Appointed as Certified Service Partner

DigitalView has been appointed as the Certified Service Partner for the Southern African Region



Mellow Colour are making waves

with their colour quality management systems, helping Marks & Spencer to monitor print quality.



Training with the Woolworths South Africa Team.


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What is is Creative Cloud for Teams?


Creative Cloud for teams brings together the very latest Creative Cloud desktop apps, updates, and upgrades the moment they’re released, and all of the services and business features your team needs to create their best work and collaborate with their peers. Adobe offers two Creative Cloud for teams plans: You can opt for a complete plan (all apps and services) or a single-app plan such as Photoshop CC (access to one app and select services). With each option, you’ll receive access to the same easy-to-use, web-based admin console that allows the administrator to centrally purchase, deploy, and manage all seats across your organization—whether single-app or complete—under one membership agreement.


What are the benefits of Creative Cloud for Teams?


Budget more predictably and lower your up-front costs with an annual membership that includes access to industry-leading creative apps, plus exclusive feature updates at no additional cost. Easily scale as your team grows, and leverage volume discounts for larger purchases.


Your licenses are always current, so noncompliance is a nonissue. Deploy Adobe software to your team members even before the purchasing process is complete — billing catches up at the next payment cycle. And because licenses are tied to the company, not the individual user, you can reissue seats at any time.

Does Creative Cloud run off the internet?


Desktop apps run from users' hard drives, not their browsers. Network bandwidth is not required, but there are a few network considerations.

Bandwidth: Bandwidth is required for app download and installation as well as cloud-based syncing and storage. Bandwidth can be affected by the number of users self-installing or syncing assets to the cloud.

Internet access: An Internet connection required at least once every 99 days to validate membership.


What are the steps for installing Creative Cloud for Teams?

  • The end user supplies DigitalView with their Contact Details
  • DigitalView Captures these details on the Adobe Portal
  • An invitation is sent via email to the end user with a VIP number, explaining the Terms and Conditions of the software
  • The end user uses the link in the email to create an Adobe ID, and accept the Terms and Conditions
  • The end user is then entitled to begin using the software for a limited period, by downloading any of the Applications, and running them as a trial
  • The end user then places an order with DigitalView, quoting the VIP number received in the previous email
  • Once proof of payment is received, DigitalView places the order with Adobe
  • After approximately 72 hours, the end user will receive an email confirming the purchase
  • The end user then signs in to with their Adobe ID, and assigns email addresses to their allocated licences, depending on how many “seats” were ordered (if there is only a single user in the “team”, this still needs to be done – the “Administrator” who first received the VIP number can also be assigned to a “seat”, using the same email address) Detailed instructions on this step can be found here.
  • The users who have been assigned to these licences then receive an email inviting them to the “team”
  • These users then follow the link in the email to accept the invitation, and create their own Adobe ID, if necessary.
  • To begin using the software, this user should select “Licence this Software” at the prompt when launching any of the
  • Adobe applications, and then sign in with their Adobe ID. This will enable them to use the software for the subscription period.



Grafilte Portable D50 Viewing lamp

Normal Price

R1 824,00

Sale Price

R1 254,00

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Pricing inclusive of VAT

Subject to availability

Valid until 31 March 2016



Grafilte Portable D50 Viewing lamp

Normal Price
R1 824,00

Sale Price R1 254,00


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DigitalView appointed as distributor in South African market

Mellow Colour are making waves with their colour quality management systems, more>>>


Training with the Woolworths South Africa Team.

"Quality is one of our core values at Woolworths – it’s what sets us apart.