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DigitalView Appointed as Certified Service Partner

DigitalView has been appointed as the Certified Service Partner for the Southern African Region



Mellow Colour are making waves

with their colour quality management systems, helping Marks & Spencer to monitor print quality.



Training with the Woolworths South Africa Team.


ORIS Certified // Web


Simple and effective quality control for proofs, proofing systems and press sheets


ORIS Certified // Web is an effective and easy-to-use web-based color quality control system. CMYK color bars for SWOP, GRACoL, 3DAP, FOGRA and other standards can be easily measured and evaluated on any proof or press sheet. In-house printing standards and customizable color bars can be added. To verify spot colors, users can create their own color set by selecting from spot color libraries or entering Lab values.


ORIS Certified // Web measurement results can be output as a brief summary on a label or as a detailed report. All measurement results for the devices monitored are stored and can be used for analyzing trends and device performance. This allows the user to detect quality variations over a certain period of time. ORIS Certified // Web provides clear facts and helps avoid lengthy discussions about color issues.


Web monitoring brings all the data to any location that has an Internet-connection. Data can be analyzed for overall company performance and trends. View all job information throughout the production process from soft proof to proof to print. An included temperature and humidity probe constantly measures environmental conditions to ease the troubleshooting process.



  • ORIS Certified // Web provides immediate notification of errors, giving you more time to isolate and fix problems.
  • CGS’ Print Performance Team monitors the status of your devices and delivers remote support to help you resolve issues more quickly.
  • Use ORIS Certified // Web as a dashboard for viewing current print performance across multiple sites.
  • Internal experts can analyze production problems immediately.


Centralized Information

  • Access ORIS Certified // Web from anywhere via an Internet connection.
  • View job information throughout your production process from proof to print.
  • Gives quality control experts immediate access to valuable device performance information no matter where they are.
  • ORIS Certified // Web allows you to integrate key customers’ systems for remote/off-site proofing.


Business Intelligence

  • ORIS Certified // Web contains reports for understanding consumables variation.
  • ORIS Certified // Web can help you understand which devices have the highest error rates.
  • Pulling an ORIS Certified // Web shift report can help you understand if personnel need more training.
  • ORIS Certified // Web reports highlight which variables in your process are contributing to your rework and errors.


Mechanism for Profitability

  • ORIS Certified // Web provides a common quality language, which multiple departments can use to communicate problem resolution information more efficiently.
  • ORIS Certified // Web can help keep jobs looking consistent when printed on different presses, at different times or even at different sites, which increases your flexibility.
  • Use ORIS Certified // Web to communicate to your vendors the quality of the raw materials they are providing you.
  • Use ORIS Certified // Web to create job reports that can showcase your quality initiatives to prospective and current customers. Show you are the best and can prove it.


Green and Lean

  • ORIS Certified // Web reduces variation by identifying problems and root causes. Understanding raw materials variation is critical to efficient production.
  • ORIS Certified // Web reduces waste by identifying problems at their source. This means bad proofs and plates do not make it into the pressroom.
  • By reducing variation and waste, less raw materials and energy are consumed in your production process.
  • By using ORIS Certified // Web for color matching, color control to ISO or other standards as well as for plate performance monitoring, you can ensure that colors are accurate before proofs are sent, eliminating the guesswork from remote proofing and reducing shipping costs.


Key Features

  • Web-based color quality monitoring
  • A dashboard to enterprise-wide performance
  • Real-time comprehensive reporting
  • Includes industry standard color targets
  • Customizable targets and tolerances
  • Saves time, materials and costs
  • Windows and Mac

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DigitalView appointed as distributor in South African market

Mellow Colour are making waves with their colour quality management systems, more>>>


Training with the Woolworths South Africa Team.

"Quality is one of our core values at Woolworths – it’s what sets us apart.





Grafilte Portable D50 Viewing lamp

Normal Price
R1 824,00

Sale Price R1 254,00


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